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The No. #1 Gymnastics for kids in Dubai

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The No. #1 Gymnastics for kids in Dubai

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Best facility I have ever seen! I am a high level gymnast in the US and when I went to visit Dubai, Fly high fitness was the perfect place to go! The gymnastics equipment is world class for both men and women and is perfect from training and competition practice. I was welcomed with open arms and all the staff were helpful and well informed. The coaches there are greatly experienced and tremendously knowledgeable in all areas of the sport. I recommend Fly High to anyone both in Dubai and outside to visit and see for themselves. Thank you!!
Anna Ferguson
6 months ago
Probably one of the biggest gymnasium centers I’ve ever seen in the UAE. With a huge space for weights & machines, a massive gymnastics centre, various rooms for spinning and yoga as well as cafe. There’s free parking in the shopping center car park too. I recommend Fly High to anyone both in Dubai and outside to visit and see for themselves. Thank you!!
Sarah Nossy
2 months ago
My kids joined fly High Fitness since 2019. The facility is state of art and has all what you would wish for in a sports complex. The staff is of the highest standards in experience and hospitality where they treat everyone as part of their fly High family and give all the attention that is needed to develop our little ones while keeping them in the safest environment. We love this place so much that we currently drive all the way from Abu Dhabi to bring our kids to their gymnastics lessons.
Lamiaa Amine
6 months ago
My two daughters have loved every moment of their gymnastics classes here. The facilities are amazing. Everything is so well organized. A special thanks to our two coaches Emanuel and Liviu - your patience and kindness has blown me away. My kids have felt so welcome. The progress I have seen in one term has been incredible. Thank you!!
Mikayla Botha
11 months ago
Simply the best. Everyone is so welcoming, coaches, staff, even the members! Love the community feel. My whole family loves it, from my 3 children enrolled in martial arts, gymnastics, ballet, hip hop, and musical theatre, to my wife and I doing cross fit classes and Pilates . I have been to many other sports centre across the globe and this one is by far the very best by miles away.
Saad Benami
a year ago
Best gym in Dubai. No doubt.
Staff and coaches are super friendly and professional. My kids are doing karate and gymnastics and they cant be any happier. I have been doing crossfit for more than 2 years and I can easily say I feel FlyHigh is our second home. Best fitness center in the UAE, hands down.
Mazen Harake
6 months ago
Loved this place! Super professional and great equipment and trainers. the changing rooms are just amazing !! my kids do gymnastics s well and its by far the best in Dubai. found my fitness home!
Karen Kirreh
a year ago


Gymnastics classes are perfect for young children because they help develop strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, cognitive development, and social and emotional learning during children’s most important times—while they are growing! It’s lots of fun too !

Our greatest mission is to provide a fun and safe environment that allows your children to take flight as they become the successful adults of tomorrow.

Olympic Training

Chosen 3rd year in a row by world and Olympic champion teams as the no 1 training facility in Dubai.

Perfect for Parents

Oversee the session from the coffee & health lounge or enjoy a class yourself.

Caring Team

Benefit from more than 13 certified Gymnastics Coaches suited for all levels.

Best Equipment

Enjoy our world class Gymnastics Equipment -
F.I.G certified


Meet our community of A class trainers- dedicated and experienced to working with kids of all ages



We offer a variety of programs to suit kids of all ages and levels which follow the program as set by the USA Gymnastic which gets its designation from the U.S. Olympic Committee and which is also the most widely used guide in the UAE for gymnastics programs & competitions.
Programs are divided into levels from 1 to 10. Register TODAY for a free professional assessment to see which level fits your kid best !
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Frequently Asked

Gymnastics is the most complete sport, is the perfect foundation to start in life. No other sport addresses all the fundamental aspects necessary for a perfect development of a human body from such an early age. From strength, agility, mobility, flexibility, coordination, spatial awareness etc. the list is quite long, while at the same time addressing the mental aspects of focus, discipline, attention to details, determination an so on, all done in a fun, safe environment that comes very natural to children. Kids from an early age want to play, climb, tumble and engage with other kids and that energy and desire to play can be channeled and used constructively. In short gymnastics is the mother of all sports.

Apart from the physical aspect, gymnastics is ideal for children of all ages for various reasons.
While enjoying a fun workout, our instructors at Fly High Fitness in Dubai will teach your child how to build self-confidence and how to work in a group. They will assist in developing different sets of skills such as leadership and overcoming challenges. Your kids will also learn the value of progress and hard work as gymnastics is a sport where results are not immediate, but rather like a marathon, take time to develop. This will teach your children a great lesson about dedication, commitment, perseverance and how to delay gratification – much needed traits in world that has become more and more instant.

Fly High Fitness – the best gym near you- is the most innovative fitness center in the UAE. Our vision is based on building a supportive, diverse and inclusive community while pursuing ultimate physical and mental health.

Our gymnastics facility is the largest in the UAE and is of Olympic standards! We have multiple levels of gymnastics classes to make sure each child gets individual experience matching their age and set of skills.

Fitness is for everybody and for every age. The right instructor can be a life-changing character in your child’s life. It’s not just about physicality, it’s also about building a character, positive thinking and becoming mentally stronger, calmer and sharper, learning discipline and becoming a better self.

Our gym in Dubai is proud to provide a fun and safe environment to allow your children to safely develop to become their best selves while providing them with the tools to become the leading adults of the future.

We are the only world class facility in Dubai that complies with the full international standard equipment so that each piece of equipment is officially certified individually by the (FIG) Federation International Gymnastics.

Olympic Champion teams from around the world choose Fly Hight Fitness for training because we are one of the few facilities in the world to have under the same roof a full range of equipment from fully certified Olympic equipment to strength and conditioning equipment plus recovery facilities.

Fly High Fitness offers a junior Olympic competitive program! This means that if you’re looking for Olympic-like training for your child, we have the perfect programs to safely but surely encourage your child to become the best gymnast! Our advanced junior elite gymnastics programs have 10 different levels and include in-house competitions for Fly High Fitness members only as well as hosting other clubs for international competitions.

There are several disciplines under the umbrella of gymnastics, however artistic gymnastics is the foundation for all the branches of gymnastics. Is recommended that everyone should start with artistic gymnastics and later on it is very easy to switch to a different discipline. However in certain situations involving girls that are naturally very flexible starting with rhythmic gymnastics is better in order to make the best of that specific ability.
No. There is a common misconception that gymnastics stunts growth. That comes from the fact that most Olympic level gymnasts are relatively short people. The reality is that it is likely that gymnasts are small because of the nature of the sport. Gymnastics simply attracts short people, just as a sport like basketball attracts tall players. Would it be fair to say that basketball increases the growth of an athlete? When you have to move your own body weight and perform complex skills, small people have an advantage. However gymnastics provides lots of benefits for all kids irrespective of the shape and size.

Losing weight is a complex problem that involves multiple aspects, nutrition, sleep, training, lifestyle, all play an important part. Gymnastics can definitely make a big difference but it needs to be part of a plan that tackles the weight issue as a whole.

MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION. There is no exact answer. No two people are the same. No two people have the same abilities, strength, mobility, coordination etc. and also at the end of the day the results are also directly related to the time and effort that is put in.

It is recommended that kids start gymnastics as early as possible and obviously from an age of 3,4,5,6 years old they are beginners. However it is recommended that before joining any gymnastics classes an assessment should be done by any qualified coach at a proper gymnastics facility in order to determine the appropriate level.



Rhythmic Gymnastics

The is a girls only Gymnastics field that combines dance moves, music and gymnastics (Rope, Hoop, Ball, Clubs & Ribbons).

Tumbling And Trampoline

This is a gymnastics field suited for ages 7-15 which focuses on improving tumbling skills and air awareness.

Dance Kids

Whether Ballet, hiphop, Tap or Contemporary – dancing develops flexibility, posture and overall body awareness.

Crossfit Kids

Crossfit blends gymnastics, weightlifting, running and rowing with workouts based on strength, skill, speed, mobility and endurance.

Martial Arts

Whether Muay Thai, Karate or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu- Martial Arts are used for combat, sport and self-defense and incorporate striking, grappling and takedowns.

Musical Theatre & Singing

Combining dancing, singing and acting these classes develop musicality, singing, expression, teamwork and confidence.

Personal Training

Get one-on-one personal training tailored to suit each child’s needs, strengths and weaknesses in order to help them reach their full potential.



Ildiko brings to Fly High Fitness over 16 years’ experience in gymnastics and coaching. Starting her career as a domestic and international gymnast accruing multiple awards and medals. Moving into being a member of the Hungarian National team and gaining two world championships and European Championships. We are excited to have someone such as Ildiko a part of the team to share her generations of gymnastics knowledge to pass onto her students.

My passion is to bring up athletes that by accepting their challenges and developing a positive and innate sportsmanship behavior, could even be a great example for people outside of sports.



Cristian has been at the top level of gymnastics and brings a lifetime’s experience to the team at Fly High Fitness. Having begun the sport at the age of six, he has won medals around the world at competitions from the Commonwealth Games to the European Championships, representing both Romania and South Africa.

Cristian is leading our young elite gymnasts to be the champions of the future. He is available for private coaching for everyone from beginners to elite-level athletes; his ethos is to lead by example, an inspirational athlete to this day.



Florin competed in artistic gymnastics for 18 years back home in Romania and now spends his time between coaching elite level gymnastics and personal training. A graduate of physical education and sport, he has a specialization in gymnastics coaching.

Florin has also spent time competing in bodybuilding and uses his experience across both disciplines to aid him in his coaching and the knowledge he passes onto his clients.

Of his coaching style, he says: “Through my experience in sports, my purpose is to help performance athletes to reach their highest potential and also guide those who want a healthy lifestyle to achieve excellent results and have an energetic life.”



A former pivotal member of the Cameroon National Gymnastics Team, Cameroon National Champion and African National Bronze Medalist. Chris came to the UAE to share his experience and knowledge with the next generation of athletes. We are proud to welcome and have Chris, a part of the Fly High Fitness Family. His passion and love of the sport , can be seen in the care and attention he gives to each and every one of his students with us.

Chris is a passionate CrossFitter and Practicing Gymnast, Gymnastics Coach and Personal Trainer. We look forward to the next generation of athletes, learning from one of the best from Cameroon.



We are so happy to welcome Razvan to the Fly High Family. Not only is he a talented Judo Champion with many years of experience, but he developed his love of human body movement and slowly transitioned into Gymnastics Coaching.

He joins us with over 4 year’s experience as a coach here in the UAE. His infectious attitude, positivity and patience can be reflected through his loud voice which is heard throughout Gymnastics. His love of kids and sports has led him to coaching, wanting to pass on his love and passion, helping them build a solid foundation for life’s challenges built by sports.



With over 18 year experience, Olga, brings to Fly High Fitness, a strong gymnastics coaching foundation. Her abilities are equal only to those in our Fly High Fitness Family. Commencing gymnastics at an age of 6 in the Belarussian Olympic Reserve Specialized Children’s and Youth School.

Following this solid and strong start, Olga then achieved a Master of Sport at the Belarusian State University in Minsk. After many years of consistent training and studying, she brings to Fly High Fitness a coaching portfolio that will help position our current and future Gymnastics athletes in the best position to Fly High!



The Smiling assassin as he is so aptly named, Liviu has brought to Fly High Fitness an ever-infectious personality and smile that brightens the day of all around him.

He hails from Sibiu Romania where he commenced his career in Gymnastics at an early age of 3.

Liviu has learned much through his career achievements and brings to his coaching all of that and much much more.


Trampoline Master

Vlada is a professional Trampoline Master with over 19 year’s experience in the practice of Trampolines. She graduated (with honors) from Moscow University and has a masters in physical education.

Representing Russia in the field of Gymnastics Trampoline around the world she has won bronze and silver medals , varios cups, awards and even won an official Master of sport of Russia in trampoline. She has extensive experience in training both beginners children and professional athletes in this area around the world; Now she is living in Dubai and is excited to bring this unique expertise and developmental understanding into the Fly High Fitness community.



Anastasia comes from Kyiv in Ukraine, bringing with her a strong carefully created career in Gymnastics. Commencing the sport in Gymnastics at a young age, qualifying to be a coach just 5 years ago, having a career in gymnastics of over 15 years.

Her passion and love for the sport has garnered her achievements such as Silver Medal in the Ukraine National Cup, first place in Kyiv Nadia. Her charisma didn’t stop there, after completing her studies at the Kyiv Circus university. Anastasia brings to Fly High Fitness, a passion and coaching ability that will help drive your child and the next generation of gymnastics to great heights allowing them to truly Fly High.


Age: 2.5 – 3 Yrs. | 45 min

This class is a toddler’s introduction to the basics of gymnastics. It is specifically designed for kids who can’t follow the class and guidelines without the support of their parents/nanny etc. With their parents next to them, they become more confident and ready for the next step in their gymnastics experience.


The first steps courses are designed for toddlers taking their first independent steps in the world of gymnastics. Boys and girls together and placed in small groups and develop basic skills in a playful manner. Courses in this level:


At beginner’s level classes are longer and boys and girls are for the first time separated into gender-based classes as while they practice the same skill llevel, each gender has its own tempo, specifications, and apparatus. Playtime will be less, and more time is spent on the apparatuses. Courses in this level:


At intermediate level classes, all classes are 2-hour classes. Boys and girls develop their skill levels on their apparatuses and progress to advanced levels pre-competition levels.


The advanced classes follow the USA Gymnastics competing program in which the focus is on perfecting skills learned so far on each of the respective apparatuses according to gender. Courses in this level:

Elite Program

Attendance in Elite classes is by personal invite only for those selected gymnasts who have a potential of becoming professional athletes.
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